Let's Talk Socks: Why You Should Invest in Appropriate Socks for Each Season

woman hiking in the snow wearing merino wool socks

If you want to maintain blister-free feet, you need to invest in high-quality socks. Many people don't invest in socks as much as they do with other pieces of clothing. Outdoor activities can be very rough on your feet, and socks provide the cushioning you need.

Like any other piece of clothing, you should have socks for each season. Also, remember to purchase socks with a planned activity in mind. Purchasing your socks from a reputable vendor ensures you get assistance finding what you need.

The construction of socks varies based on their purpose. That is why when you wear winter socks during summer, you feel uncomfortable. Summer socks should have moisture-wicking fabric, so your feet remain dry and cushioned. Whether you're purchasing padded or thin-layered socks, this guide will help you make the right choice.

Which is the best material for socks?

The quality of a material determines whether or not it's suitable for socks. You need versatile socks that can protect your feet in case of an impromptu activity. Fiber materials ensure your feet are warm during winter and cool in summer months.

Merino wool is one such material. In fact, it's one of the most preferred materials for socks. Merino wool socks are year-round pieces of clothing that save you money on frequent purchases since they are so durable.

These are lightweight socks that are easy to wear with all types of shoes. Besides, they are soft, so your feet slide into the shoes without you struggling. You can wear these socks without worrying about skin irritation and itching.

You need odor-resistant socks that don't embarrass you when you take off your shoes. Fiber socks are bacteria-resistant and breathable, ensuring your feet remain dry.

Why you need winter socks

Socks make great gifts, but people don't appreciate them as much as they do jewelry and other expensive gifts. Perhaps it's because people don't invest in high-quality socks. The difference between good socks and great socks is in how they feel. Give some thought into the kind of socks you need this winter.

The last thing you want to have during winter is cold feet and frostbitten toes. It doesn't matter how cozy your boots are, if you have no socks or thin socks on, your feet are bound to get cold. You need socks with high insulation value, so you keep your feet as warm as possible. Breathable socks ensure that your feet are not coated with a layer of perspiration.

If you're an outdoor person, quality winter socks come in handy because your feet are bound to sweat when you take part in strenuous activities. You need wool socks that dry themselves out. This type of fiber does not lose its insulation properties when it gets wet.

Thick merino wool socks are suited for winter months as they ensure your feet are as warm as they should be. The best part is they can be worn more than once before you need to wash them. This comes in handy for households that air dry clothes or for traveling.

Many people think cotton is suited for cold, wet seasons, but they are wrong. Even though cotton socks are heavy, they have a low insulation value. For this reason, they can quickly and easily lose their insulation property. You're likely to end up with damp, uncomfortable feet.

Since cotton is highly absorbent material, cotton socks will absorb the moisture in the air, and it will feel like you're not wearing socks at all. In fact, cotton socks worsen the situation because it's like wearing wet socks. If you have sweaty feet, your feet will feel cold because perspiration cancels out cotton's insulation properties.

Why you need summer socks

a group of friends hiking in mountains at sundown

Contrary to popular belief, you need socks for summer months. Many people think that the only reason for wearing socks is to keep their feet warm. You need socks for the coldest and the hottest days.

Merino wool socks are temperature-regulating pieces of clothing that keep your feet cool and dry. The main reason why you should wear socks during summer is to keep your feet odor-free. Merino wool is an odor-resistant fiber due to its breathability.

Wearing shoes without socks also results in blisters and lesions. Summer socks cushion your feet, ensuring there is no friction between your shoes and feet. This is especially true for new shoes that haven't taken up the shape of your shoes. Friction reduction is also important during outdoor activities in the summer, like cycling or hiking.

You need durable socks which feature natural elasticity. Merino socks always return to their original shape. For this reason, you won't need to buy socks on a regular basis because the ones you have are sagging. These are snug socks that feel like your second skin.

What are year-round socks?

Year-round socks are those that take care of your feet in the hottest and coldest months. They should also cushion your feet during strenuous activities. These are versatile pieces of clothing that protect your feet in case of an impromptu outdoor activity.

Merino wool socks are ideal year-round socks because their ergonomic design ensures they're both aesthetically appealing and functional. Soft and sleek socks equal happy feet. Your socks should have padding at common stress points, so you take a little pressure off your feet.

Purchasing your socks by activity

The truth is your feet requires different levels of cushioning based on the activity you're taking part in. Purchasing socks by season without considering activities beats the whole purpose of wearing socks.

  • Walking socks

Walking socks should have moisture-wicking properties. They should keep your feet dry because they're bound to sweat as you walk. You should have enough cushioning but not too much that your shoes feel small.

  • Running socks

Unlike walking, running involve more rapid feet action. The best running socks should be padded to ensure your feet are as comfortable as they can be. You can easily sprain your ankle if you're not wearing the right running socks.

Choose the amount of padding based on the kind of shoes you're wearing. With cushioned running shoes, you'll only need a little padding. You'll need cushioning at the ball of your feet and the heel as these are the common stress points for runners. The right running socks also help with foot fatigue and tension.

  • Casual indoor socks

Casual indoor socks can range from lightweight to thick merino wool socks. Depending on the weather, you want to ensure your feet are kept warm but not so much that they feel like they're in an oven.

For summer months, you need lightweight socks that keep your feet dry. Conversely, winter socks should be heavy to keep your feet as warm as possible.

Mountaineering and skiing socks

Outdoor activities vary, but the only constant thing is your feet will almost always be involved. If you're planning to go mountain or rock climbing, purchase heavyweight socks. You need thick socks with as much padding as possible. You want to cushion the heels of your feet as much as you can.

For skiing, you need socks that allow you to make quick turns easily. They should be padded on the shin area to keep your underfoot cushioned as much as possible.

Why you should go with merino wool socks

Did you know that your feet are among the sweatiest parts of your body? That's right. Your feet are covered with thousands of sweat glands. High-quality socks help absorb the moisture from your feet and keep them dry and odorless.

Many people experience smelly feet despite keeping their feet clean, and they wonder where the problem is. Instead of spending on creams that promise to keep your feet odorless, why not buy high-quality socks?

Merino wool is a performance fabric that offers all you'd need in a pair of socks. Aside from dispersing the sweat from your feet, they also cushion your feet. The soft texture ensures you don't experience irritation or itching.

Unlike the previous generation of wool that was scratchy and uncomfortable, merino wool is the complete opposite. You won't need to invest in sock liners anymore.

Merino wool is a thermostatic fiber material with temperature regulating properties. This way, your feet stay comfortable in the hottest and coldest months. These socks will absorb moisture from your feet and still keep them warm.

Features to look out for when buying socks

  • Fit

You need to pay attention to how your socks fit. The length of the socks determines if it will be a perfect fit or not. Buying a pair of socks that is too big or too small beats the whole purpose of investing in them. You need a snug fit that will provide cushioning in all the right places.

Fit also applies to padded socks that you want to wear with shoes. Ensure that the padding is not so much that your shoes feel tight.

  • Padding

Ideal socks should only be padded on your feet's stress points. Incorrect padding makes socks feel uncomfortable. Cushioning should protect your feet and not make you feel like you're walking on unlevelled ground.  

  • Height

For the most part, the height of your socks is based on your personal preference. However, it doesn't make sense to wear ankle socks with knee-high boots.


Many people forget to buy socks when they go shopping. These pieces of clothing are as important as any other because they protect one of the most important parts of your body- your feet! Buying high-quality socks helps take the pressure off your feet. Visit us for socks that will make your feet smile and easily carry you through all of your outdoor activities. Our socks also make thoughtful gifts for the athletes and outdoor enthusiasts in your life. Want more tips on how to wear merino wool layers? Check out our Layering 101 Guide!