Trying to get your child dressed during any time of the year can sometimes be a challenge, and winter can be particularly difficult as kids often don’t like... to feel constricted by multiple layers of clothing. Meriwool is here to save the day with our kid’s Merino wool shirt, the ideal option for daytime play and nighttime wear. Just like the adult versions of our popular shirts, this acts as a great base layer or can be worn alone. It’s available in several exciting colors and cut to give your child full range of motion during all activities.

      Each kid’s Merino wool long sleeve shirt is crafted to keep them warm and comfortable with a breathable material that’s soft to the touch. Merino wool wicks away sweat and offers natural odor-resistant qualities, and when coupled by its ability to regulate your body temperature, it will likely become your child’s new favorite thing to wear. It makes for a great kid’s Merino wool base layer even when they’re hanging out at home playing games or watching a movie. Your child can wear this shirt as a stand-alone item, under a jacket on a crisp fall day, or as one of many layers in much colder weather.

      Parents love packing this kid’s Merino wool t-shirt as it doesn’t take up much space and can be worn multiple times without washing thanks to its natural anti-bacterial properties. Not only is it great for daytime fun, but they also function as great kid’s Merino wool pajama tops too. Imagine one shirt that does it all during family road trips or camping adventures! Merino wool features thinner fibers than traditional wool, making it an itch-free garment and guaranteeing it has a place in your child’s heart each and every day during the cold winter months.