Did you know that Merino wool garments are available in a range of weights and that each one has a specific purpose?... No matter what kind of outdoor activity you’re involved in, there’s a material that will be just right for you, offering a specific set of benefits to help you stay comfortable and dry. Our lightweight Merino wool clothing is crafted for both warm and cool temperatures, adapting to your body and regulating itself so that you never overheat. These garments fit and flatter your body and, while they can be worn alone, are great for layering under your winter gear.

      Lightweight Merino wool ranges from 120g to 200g and is unlike traditional wool material. It features thinner and finer fibers that allow for durability and a full range of motion all while remaining incredibly breathable. There’s no itchiness associated with Merino wool cool weather clothing, ensuring you won’t experience irritation or chafing even after extended periods of wear. As your level of activity increases and your body temperature begins to rise, each lightweight base layer is designed to cool you down and wick away moisture, offering a fresh feeling no matter where you’ve been or where you’re going.

      From bottoms and briefs to tops and socks, Meriwool’s lightweight base layer clothing is designed for nearly year-round use. Each item features odor-resistant and anti-bacterial properties so you can go longer between washes and know that everyone in your family is staying clean and comfortable. The next time you plan an outdoor adventure in cold weather or simply want a way to stay warmer during a morning spring walk, consider incorporating a lightweight layer into your outfit. Not only is it a great option when you’re outside, but these items can also function as loungewear and kids particularly love wearing them as pajamas!