You won’t think about getting dressed the same way again once you’ve tried our men’s Merino wool pants and Merino wool boxer briefs. ...Crafted for exceptional comfort and warmth, you just might want to wear them morning, noon, and night. Intended as a base layer that pairs well with work pants, snow gear, or any other winter garment you need, these items are made to fit smoothly beneath your clothes and help retain your body heat without making you sweat. As an adaptive material, Merino wool regulates your temperature and ensures you’re comfortable no matter what activity you’re engaged in.

      We’ve changed the game when it comes to men’s Merino wool thermals, as their breathability and functionality are unlike any other. Naturally odor-resistant with moisture-wicking properties, Merino wool will keep you feeling fresh even after a long day outside. Instead of having to deal with sweaty and wet base layers that could cause irritation, you can stay dry thanks to this amazing material. You even have the option to choose between different types of garments, including our men’s Merino wool base layer, midweight layer, or heavyweight layer to suit your specific activity needs. All options function equally well inside as loungewear or outdoors during your most daring adventures.

      The next time you’re packing for a winter adventure or need to take a short business trip to a cold destination, Meriwool’s men’s Merino wool travel pants will take the hassle out of deciding what to wear. Merino wool can be worn longer between washes while remaining crisp and clean smelling, and as each garment folds down to a small size, you’ll have more room in your suitcase for other items. Take them camping or to your favorite vacation destination and rest assured you’ll be enveloped in comfort without having to worry about finding a laundromat nearby.