Once temperatures start to drop and a chill is ever-present in the air, ladies often turn to one staple wardrobe item — leggings! ...Instead of having to dig out multiple pairs of these versatile bottoms, you can save time and money with just one or two pairs of women’s Merino wool pants. Available in three different weights, you get to choose how much warmth you need on any given day. Our base layer is ideal for layering under jeans or snow gear and works to keep you comfortable all day long thanks to adaptive and breathable Merino wool. Slightly heavier is our midweight option, which can be worn alone around the house on those ultra-cold days. When you need to stay as warm as possible, the heavyweight style will be your best bet.

      Meriwool’s women’s Merino wool thermals elevate the idea of winter pants to a whole new level. Made from thinner and finer fibers than traditional wool, each garment offers incredible softness while regulating your body temperature in all conditions. The material is odor-resistant and naturally wicks away moisture, so you can be confident that you’ll feel fresh even after a day of extreme outdoor fun. Try incorporating a women’s Merino wool base layer into your daily wardrobe and you’ll notice a difference!

      Even when you’re not at home, you can enjoy Meriwool’s bottoms. Vacationing becomes much easier as these women’s Merino wool travel pants fold flatter than you’d think, allowing you to pack your other favorite items too. Since the material works to keep you fresh and clean throughout the day, you can wear each garment longer in between washes, saving you a trip to the local laundromat. Whether you’re a tried and true leggings girl or you’re considering changing up your style this winter, Meriwool’s Merino wool leggings will fill the gap in your closet that you may not have even known you had!