If you’re a fan of our soft Merino wool travel gear or are a social media creator, this program is perfect for you. As you take Meriwool Layers garments into the great outdoors, we’d love for you to document your journey. Whether you’re hiking, camping, or showing off your skills as a snowboarder, we want to be part of it. Watch the video below for more details:

Meriwool’s New Adventure Outdoors Program

The team at Meriwool Layers loves to travel and spend time outdoors and we find that most of our customers feel exactly the same. From our inception, it’s been our mission to give back to others, and what better way to do so than to support you on your next adventure outdoors!

What’s in it for you? Meriwool Layers will develop specific packages based on social media influencer’s favorite outdoor adventures and make it easy for you to continue enjoying all of the great travel gear we have to offer. The more adventure time you partake in, the more packages we’ll make available.

woman sitting on a rocky ledge on a mountain wearing merino wool clothing


women stretching in a forest covered in snow wearing a merino wool base layer top and headband

Are you in?

You don’t have to be a social media influencer or professional content creator to join Meriwool’s Adventure Outdoors program. Our only requirement is that you have a true passion for outdoor fun and you love wearing our Merino wool garments!

man holding a blue snowboard on a mountain covered in snow wearing a merino wool headband, beanie and sweater

why join?

Getting free stuff is great, but we want to build true partnerships with our Merino wool community. From snowboarders and mountain bikers to those who love hiking every weekend, we want to organically become a part of your journey.

a woman in the snow outdoor holding a pinecone wearing a merino wool sweater and neckgaiter

sign me up!

It’s easy to join the Adventure Outdoors program! Simply submit your videos, photos, or journal entries from each adventure. No need to become a content creator first, as we love to build genuine relationships with those who love the outdoors.


step 1

Fill out the form below - it only takes a few minutes


Submit your completed form to Meriwool Layers

step 3

If you’re approved, you’ll hear from us within 10 business days of your submission


Approval into our Adventure Outdoors program is easy — just make sure you fill out each section of the application form completely and remember to be honest! Our team is looking for passionate outdoors lovers, not someone who simply enters in all the “right” answers.

Meriwool Layers will contact all approved applicants within 21 business days from the date of their submission. If approved, you’ll receive an email with details outlining the next steps, so make sure to check your inbox for more information.

Don’t stress about trying to find a Wi-Fi signal during your adventure just so you can upload your content. We know that traveling takes time and we don’t want you to feel any pressure. However, the faster you submit your content, the sooner we can mail your Meriwool gear.

A great relationship takes time to develop, and we’ll be just as committed to this partnership as you are. If you want to participate in Adventure Outdoors for years to come, we welcome the opportunity to make a difference in your life and come along on all of your adventures!

You! We all love beautiful images of scenic landscapes, but what better way to capture the spirit of your adventure than to include your smiling face? Keep in mind that while you’re taking photos, any blurriness or the use multiple filters may result in a poor-quality image.

Your creativity is all that’s needed to capture an awesome outdoor video. Whether you put together a collage of images, spend a few seconds sharing about your trip vlog-style, or decide to utilize a GoPro, all we ask is that you wear your Meriwool Layers while doing it!

Quality always wins when it comes to social media creation. If you’re able to capture a ton of amazing high-quality images that’s awesome, but it’s not a requirement. Rest assured, we’ll provide you with instructions explaining exactly how to submit your quality content.

The team at Meriwool Layers will provide you with step-by-step details that cover how to submit your journal entries, what they should include, and more. When you become part of the Adventure Outdoors program, you’ll have help and support every step of the way.

Sometimes the feeling of being alone in the outdoors is awesome, but we won’t leave you stranded when it comes to the Adventure Outdoors program.

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