Layers Guide


*All Meriwool Layers top and bottoms are made from superfine Merino wool and can be worn next to skin as a single layer or part of a multiple layer system for colder conditions.



Light and Form-Fitting

At a range of 120-200G, these layers are built to conform to a person's body shape, and its light material is perfect for layering.


These layers especially work well for outdoor physical activities such as runs and day hikes.

Warm to cool

Lightweight layers are ideal for warm and cool conditions


Versatile Midlayer

Thicker than lightweight, these layers range from 200-300g and are light enought to be worn as a base layer or used as a second layer.

Venture in comfort

These layers are great for chilly morning/ evening adventures and trips or exploring cooler climates due to their thick yet light design.

Cool to Cold

Midweight layers are perfect for chillier climates


Strong Outerlayer

With the thickest weight range of 300-420g, heayweight layers are the warmest and are worn as an outerlayer.

Keep Warm in the Snow

Heavyweight layers are best for trips and travels to the snow and mountains during winter time.

cold to Freezing

Heavyweight layers are perfect for conditions with snow, heavy rain, or very strong winds