Top 7 Bike Park Destinations
That Should Be in Your Bucket List

Top 7 Bike Park Destinations That Should Be in Your Bucket List

The long-awaited summer is finally here. It's time to trade your skateboard for a bike if you don't have one. Most people here, in the US, and other parts of the world go for vacations during summer. For bike lovers both amateurs and professionals, a vacation is incomplete without visiting a bike park.
Bike riding has many health and social benefits. The health benefits of bike riding are well documented and include combating obesity, preventing cardiovascular diseases, and boosting mood. Biking can transform communities by strengthening family bonds and lessening the disease burden.
Choosing a bike park destination can be overwhelming because of the numerous bike parks spread across the world. This article presents the top seven bike park destinations that should be in your bucket list.

 1. Killington Bike Park, Vermont

 Killington Bike Park is among the fastest-growing downhill mountain bike parks in New England. The park is endowed with three high-speed lifts and more than 30 miles of trails. The bike park's terrain is suitable for all levels of bikers from beginners to experts and classic.

Killington Bike Park has three unique mountain areas to cater to the needs of different bikers. The Snowshed has a beginner terrain with intermediate trails ideal for beginners. The Ramshead has intermediate and advanced terrain for bikers who have graduated from Snowshed. Seasoned pros benefit from the classic New England trails endowed with numerous rock and roots to sharpen their skill. The Blue Magic and Step it up trails are great to challenge experienced riders.

Do you want to join a bike club? Killington has bike clubs that bring together bike enthusiasts to network and grow their skills. It has introduced a mountain bike club for those who love camping and biking. You get to enjoy your summer in style with a mix of camping and mountain biking.

Don't just mountain bike in Killington, engage in other activities like visiting the Killington peak, challenging yourself at the Wrecktangle, playing golf, indulging yourself at the Killington Grand Spa, and taking an ATV tour.  

2. Alyeska Bike Park, Alaska  

Alaska is among the largest untapped biking zones in America. Alyeska Bike Park is the only lift-accessed downhill bike park in Alaska. With 3 lifts, over 15 trails and 2,500 vertical feet, Alyeska Bike Park is the next big biking destination. It features vast terrains that are ideal for bikers of all levels.

From downhill trails to the road, single track and man-made features, Alyeska Bike Park guarantees fun for the whole family to give you an unforgettable experience. This summer, Alyeska Bike Park will host weekly mountain bike operations, races, and events for bikers of all abilities. Do not just bike in Alaska; take some time to enjoy its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and numerous outdoor adventures. Engage in kayaking, fishing, and flightseeing to get the ultimate Alaskan experience.

3. Mammoth Mountain Bike Park, California

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park is the largest bike park in the West. It features more than 80 miles of cross country and downhill trails. The bike park has a combination of beginner trails for people who are starting the biking adventure and intermediate and advanced terrain for the experts. The trails start at the mountain's peak at 3,000 feet down to the mountain foot.

You can use the discovery chair to explore the different trails available and then choose one that appeals to your ability. For biking experts, the Twilight Zone Trail is the best hangout. Featuring an epic wall ride referred to as the Deep End, the Twilight zone trail is 9 feet tall and 50 feet wide to challenge the hardcore downhillers.

Other signature trails at the Mammoth Bike Park include the Pipeline trail, Chain Smoke and the Downtown Trail. The Downtown Trail is ideal for families to bond as they have healthy fun. Whichever trail you choose, you will find shaded rest stops with drinking water and picnic tables. Incredible, isn't it?

At Mammoth Bike Park, you are assured of an epic experience regardless of your biking ability. The best thing about the Bike Park is the revamped single track trails with paving slabs to give you flow. Also, wood is used adequately for jumps, wall rises, and drops and thus limiting the chances of getting stuck in the pumice. After a long day at the trails, relax as you take the Epic IPA from the Mammoth Brewing Company.  

4. Grand Targhee Bike Park, Wyoming

In 2013, ranked the Grand Targhee Bike Park the winner in the Best Bike Park awards for the Northwestern region. It covers over 70 miles of cross country and more than 2,000 vertical feet of downhill trails. The park combines a spectacular view and great terrains to give riders a remarkable experience. Its terrain is a mixture of high-alpine downhill trails and freeride terrain for riders in both beginner and advanced levels. DH and Enduro riders have discovered this haven and made it a favorite destination.

The park has a lift that ferries riders to different parts of the park. Do not forget to explore the newly unveiled Grand Loop and Blondie trail. Bikers love this hidden gem of the Northwest because, during summer, when the West is sweltering, Grand Targhee has the coolest temperatures and enticing environment. You can ride all day without excessive sweating and the discomfort it brings.

5. Windham Mountain Bike Park, New York 

Are you looking for a unique riding experience? Then, Windham Mountain Bike Park is the place to be. It offers a unique downhill riding experience for bikers of all levels. This bike park has the longest jump trail on the East Coast featuring miles of trails and a high-speed six-passenger lift.

The numerous trails ranging from the Citizens Downhill, Wilderness Roll, Batavia Skill, and UCI World Cup Downhill make the Windham Bike Park a haven for bike riders from around the nation. Professional downhill riders frequent the park because of its unique nature and awesome trails built for the best in the world. The Windham Bike Park has hosted 5 UCI World Cup Mountain Bike Races.

You don't have to carry your bike from home to the Windham Mountain Bike Park. The park offers bike rentals for adults and kids too. If you have never tried downhill riding, the Skills Park will be helpful. The Skills Park is the birthplace of new mountain bikers. You learn all basic skills like braking, weight distribution, and controlling your bike on rollers, roots, and berms. The Skills Park has enough fun to keep you at the park for hours.

6. Angel Fire Bike Park, New Mexico

This park is ranked the Best Park in the Southwest by Located in one of the most beautiful resorts in New Mexico, Angel Fire Bike Park features more than 60 miles of terrain, a lift, and super chunk trails. It is one of the few bike parks' with a lift to transport you down the hills. Angel Fire Bike Park is not just for the adrenaline junkies; it has plenty of downhill trails for amateur, new riders, and expert riders.

This park offers you a great riding experience as you transverse the desert-like environment and different geology. As you hop on your mountain bike, you enjoy the breathtaking atmosphere and the tranquility of the land of enchantment. Whether you want monster jumps, flowy lines, or sweet berms you will get this and much more.

7. Keystone Bike Park, Colorado

Biking gets better at Keystone Bike Park in Colorado. Keystone Bike Park features 55 miles of lift-serviced terrain, rock gardens, creative wooden structures, and jumps. It is among the best bike parks in the region with exceptional downhill riding. ranks Keystone Bike Park among the top five bike parks for riders in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Keystone is prominent for its raw and technical riding with aggressive descents, drops, and berms. Although it offers challenging terrain, it has 34 inter-connected trails to meet the needs of different bikers. While beginners enjoy trails in open and forested areas with few rocks and roots, intermediate riders enjoy steeper grades, larger rocks, and man-made wooden features. The park has high-speed features, Drop Zone, and rock gardens for expert riders.

The massive trail system and progressive terrain guarantees that riders have the best mountain riding experience. Keystone does not neglect the wannabes and new mountain bikers. It has the Keystone Bike Academy that caters for all skill levels, both kids and adults. Keystone commits to maintenance and renovation and intends to continuously revamp its trails and other features to guarantee bikers enjoy the park.

Biking has numerous benefits for individuals and communities ranging from combating diseases like obesity and heart disease to strengthening family bonds. With many biking destinations spread across the world, it can be daunting for biking enthusiasts to locate an ideal park that meet their needs. This article comes in handy to offer seven bike park destinations in the US that should be in your bucket list. The next time you want to go biking, consider visiting one of them for an unforgettable experience.

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Author: Melanie Rainault