Our Story


Founded by a group of friends who share a desire to bring together two great passions—a love for the great outdoors and making a real difference for people—Meriwool takes pride in making the softest, most comfortable, naturally cozy Merino wool base layers available today.

our wool

Sourced directly from Australia, our Merino wool is pure, breathable, and lets you maintain the natural, outdoor feeling of being one with the Earth. In fact, the Merino wool clothing we create provides the proper warmth when the seasons start to change. 

You could say it’s a perfectly sensible choice for anyone who enjoys a clean, comfortable look and wants to maintain confidence in their classic style or look.

our community

Backed by more than 10 years of hands-on, real world manufacturing in Merino wool products, our team truly cares about the products we make, the people we strive to help, and the positive change we’re able to influence.

Above all, at Meriwool we believe in human goodness and kindness to one another. That’s why we’re also always on the lookout to provide donations to those less fortunate and work hard to go out into the community and share what we create with those who need it most.