Do you love spending time outside when the weather is a bit chilly? Whether you’re camping in the fall, going for a hike in winter, or perfecting ...your snowboarding techniques on vacation, you have to stay warm. Meriwool offers a full range of men’s & women’s Merino wool accessories, ensuring that from head to toe you can stay cozy, dry, and comfortable. Crafted from an incredible material, each Merino wool accessory regulates your body temperature thanks to its adaptive properties while naturally wicking away moisture and keeping odors at bay. You end up feeling fresher for longer compared to other winter gear.

      For the times when you need to keep in as much body heat as possible, consider the men’s & women’s Merino wool beanie, available in a range of colors. Soft and comfortable, your head will stay warm without any itch. Pair it with our men’s & women’s Merino wool gloves as the perfect way to stay warm when camping in colder temperatures. Extreme winter sports call for extreme warmth, and the men’s & women’s Merino wool neck gaiters and balaclavas keep rain and snow out while wrapping you in softness.

      Meriwool has reimagined what winter accessories entail and have branched out far beyond men’s & women’s Merino wool hats to bring you the ultimate in warmth and comfort no matter what you’re doing. Our garments come in an array of colors and we’d bet that you can’t have just one of each item in your wardrobe. Keep a beanie at home and in your car, some gloves in your gym bag, and explore the great outdoors even when the weather might be less than ideal. Merino wool accessories can also be worn for trips to the grocery store, out for dinner with friends, or around the house when you want to feel extra comfortable.