Winter is a special time for families, as most find that they take a trip or two and are able to spend more time together to celebrate the holiday season. ...Whether you’re planning a getaway to a beautiful mountain slope or you simply want to stay at home and enjoy time inside around the fireplace, you have to make sure your kids are dressed for the occasion. When it comes to staying warm and comfortable, parents know that only one option will do — kid’s Merino wool clothing. Our selection of kids Merino wool tops, bottoms, and accessories makes wintertime fun for kids and easy on parents with garments that are simple to care for and will withstand any type of adventure.

      Traveling during the winter has never been easier as kid’s Merino wool base layers are easy to pack and leave room for all of your children’s favorite items. Meriwool garments have the unique ability to stay fresh longer between washes, allowing your kids to wear them during vacation without you having to search for laundry facilities. If your family is often on the go during cold months, you’ll find that just a few kid’s Merino wool items can make a big difference in keeping your little ones happy and warm.

      Our kid’s Merino wool layers adapt to whatever plans your family has in store, as we offer a range of options to chose from. Each garment is made from 100% Merino wool and features a soft feel that’s free from itching. This material is naturally breathable, odor-reducing, moisture-wicking, and works to regulate body temperature, ensuring that your little ones are as comfortable as can be. Tops and bottoms can be layered under snow gear for a day of outdoor fun and double as pajamas during cold winter nights while our kids Merino wool socks, beanies, and more keep kids warm all winter long.