Take your style up a few notches with our collection of men’s Merino wool shirts. From a polished and professional business look to extreme comfort...and durability during winter sports, there’s a Meriwool garment for every man. Choose one of our polo styles for a more relaxed and sleek sense of sophistication or opt for a merino wool half-zip top to take on your most daring adventures. A crew knit sweater or button front henley makes for a comfortable option around the house while the men’s Merino wool base layers are great for outdoor fun.

      Our men’s Merino wool long sleeve shirts are made for more than just adventures at home, as this material isn’t thick or heavy, allowing you to pack it with ease. Rather than filling up a suitcase with multiple garments, you can take just a few Meriwool items with you on a trip and enjoy being able to wear them for longer between washes. Even if you’re sweating hard during exercise, your top will stay fresh and dry thanks to Merino wool’s moisture-wicking capabilities. With natural odor-resistant properties and the ability to regulate your body temperature at all times, Merino wool offers both fashion and function in one.

      Meriwool’s selection of men’s tops gives you the ability to select the items you need based on your activities. Our men’s Merino wool t-shirt and long sleeve shirt act as base layers that can be worn under other items or can offer a lighter level of warmth when worn alone. Midweight options are great underneath a jacket or sweater, and heavyweight tops are designed for hours of wear during the coldest of temperatures. Most men find that one or two selections from each category provide enough options to make it through the winter while staying warm and looking great.