Meriwool has the finest merino wool base layers available. Our men’s base layers are made from merino wool sourced directly from Australia and our Merino wool is 100% natural, breathable, and helps you to stay outdoors longer. Perfect for all seasons (hot, cold, and in between), our merino wool base layers balance the need to be outdoors and the need to maintain style and comfort - even in the most extreme weather conditions. Even more, our base layers for men maintain the same merino wool properties you’ve come to expect: odor resistance, durability, comfort, softness, sweat absorbent, itch-free, quick-drying, renewable, moisture absorbent, sun protection, breathability, static resistant wrinkle-free, biodegradable, fire-resistant, environmentally friendly, and 100% natural. The best merino wool base layer can be found at Meriwool. 10 years of hands-on experience wearing and manufacturing merino wool products helps us to produce a base layer that is adaptable and functional. Run, jump, ski, walk, climb, bike, and more in best merino wool base layer.
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