At Meriwool, we’re always looking for ways to improve our clothing and accessories made for the outdoors, and we’re excited to announce our men’s new Merino wool options! ...We’re always striving to innovate new products to help make your outdoor adventures even warmer and more comfortable than ever before, and now you can take your winter fun to the next level. It’s our commitment to you to always produce men’s best Merino clothing and accessories to help simplify your life and allow you to stay warmer and dryer for longer.

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      Even if you’ve long been a Meriwool fan and have nearly every item we already sell, you’ll want to check this section regularly for new color options and improved upon styles of your favorite garments and accessories. While it might sound extreme, you could literally cover yourself in Merino wool from head to toe with Meriwool’s complete collection of men’s items and you’d likely experience more comfort and warmth than ever before. Make sure to evaluate your winter wardrobe and visit our new arrivals section for anything you might be in need of!